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Privacy Policy

Operator: POWERPLAY MANAGER, s.r.o.
(valid and effective as of 10/15/2016)

This privacy policy applies to all services offered in Boxing Duel (hereinafter as "game") provided via the domain or via several platforms including, but not limited to, iOS (Apple’s App Store), Android (Google Play), Facebook social network (hereinafter as "platforms") operated by POWERPLAY MANAGER, s.r.o., registered seat at Budatínska 57, 851 06 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Identification number: 36 722 405, registered in the Business Register of the District Court Bratislava I, Section: Sro, Insert No.: 43978/B (hereinafter as "operator"). In case the user makes use of services provided by third parties, the Privacy Policy conditions of these third parties apply exclusively. The operator does not revise Privacy Policy conditions of third parties.

  1. Collection of personal data

    The operator bears no liability for the user's disclosure of his/her personal data to a third party, particularly during the payment process, and if such disclosure occurs, no obligations arise for operator regarding this disclosure. Personal data such as name or mailing address may be individually requested by the operator in case the user has won a prize in a competition run by the operator or a partner of the operator. In case such data is requested, it is only used for the purposes of delivering the prizes to the users. The user may decline to disclose these data in such case, but it will also mean that he/she is not entitled to receive the prize won in the competition.

    The operator may, in order to increase the quality of gameplay and provided support to the game, record the user's screen during gameplay by means of third party tools or its own tools.

  2. Cookies and other data

    The operator may automatically store such data as the user's IP address or browser type. The operator may also store cookies on the user's machine without which the user would be unable to sign into his/her account and use operator's services.

    Cookies are small amounts of data in the form of text files which the game stores on the user's device. Cookies allow the operator to monitor traffic in the game, simplify the user's visits of the game (for example, by remembering which language the user selected the last time he/she signed into the game). A temporary cookie is also used to keep track of the user's "session". Without that temporary cookie (which is not stored after the user quits the browser), the user would have had to log in again on each page.

    Except for the purposes of investigating unauthorized use of the game and all offered services in this game, the operator evaluates such data only for statistical and performance-related purposes.

    The user gives the operator his/her consent to store cookies on the user's device by allowing his/her Internet browser to install and store cookies. If the user does not wish the game to install and store cookies on his/her device, he/she can change the settings on his/her Internet browser to reject cookies. For more information about how to reject cookies using the Internet browser settings please consult the "Help" section of your Internet browser (or alternatively visit Please note that, if you do set your Internet browser to reject cookies, you may not be able to access many of the features of the game.

    In addition, third party advertisers whose advertisements appear on the website or whose websites the user visits when he/she clicks certain links on the website may use and install cookies on the user's device. Please consult the relevant third party advertiser's terms and conditions and privacy policy to find out how they collect and use your personal data and to establish whether they use cookies and what they may use them for.

  3. Registration via Facebook

    When registering via the Facebook social network, the username is filled out automatically according to the name of the user on the Facebook social network. This name can be changed during the registration or in the account settings until level 10 if the user does not wish to publish his/her username from the Facebook social network in the game. The username may also be changed later for a fee in credits. The user's e-mail address connected with the Facebook account will be stored in the database of the operator. This e-mail address can be changed in the account settings at any time.

  4. Newsletters

    The operator reserves the right to send information about the game, other projects of the operator or operator's partners to the user's e-mail address. The user is entitled to opt out of these newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any of the newsletters.

  5. Transmission of personal data

    The user's personal data and e-mail address will not be sold to any third parties by the operator. The operator may disclose the user's data to third parties, which are persons authorized to perform accounting for the operator, providers of payment methods or persons authorized to store these data for the operator (e.g. credit card companies, banks, PayPal, mobile services, accountants, webhosting, etc.), regardless of their country, in order to provide support for users, but only to the extent necessary to provide sufficient support or for the purposes required by the operator. In the case that POWERPLAY MANAGER, s.r.o. is sold, user's customer data will generally be passed on with the transmitted part of the company. In this case, the user's data is also subject to this Privacy Policy and the applicable statutes on protection of data.

  6. Storage of data

    The operator is entitled to store the e-mail address, the IP addresses and login times of the user for any reason only for the necessary period of 20 years in accordance with the applicable laws. The operator is also entitled to store the above mentioned data even after removal of the user's account from the game. By agreeing with the Terms of Service and End-User License Agreement of the game, the user gives the operator permission to process and store these personal data in accordance with Act no. 122/2013 coll. of Slovakia on Protection of Personal Data. The operator declares that the e-mail addresses of removed accounts will not be used for the purposes of sending newsletters about the game, other projects of the operator or operator's partners and that they will not be disclosed to any third party for these purposes.

    The operator stores the e-mail addresses, the IP addresses and login times of users at its provider VSHosting s.r.o., Tiskařská 257/10, 108 00 Prague 10 - Malešice, Czech Republic, Company registration number: 61505455.

    In case the user provides the operator with personal data other than the ones mentioned above via one or more platforms, the operator does not store these data.

  7. Security of your personal data

    The operator processes the data collected from users according to the data protection law effective in the Slovak Republic. All persons working with personal data of users are obligated and have been advised to maintain data with confidentiality and privacy obligations.

    The operator has issued Security guidelines on protection of personal data in accordance with Act no. 122/2013 coll. of Slovakia on Protection of Personal Data in order to ensure protection of the stored personal data of the users.

  8. Usage of localization data

    The operator obtains, processes and makes accessible to advertising companies the user's localization data obtained from GPS, Wi-Fi or telecommunication towers. These localization data are made accessible only to these companies for the purposes of using the advertising systems of these companies.

    The user acknowledges and agrees that the operator uses in the game third party services which collect and utilize the user's advertising identificators for the purposes of providing advertising and advertising related services (for example services like Google AdSense for video and AdSense for games or Apple services). Due to the usage of these services by the operator, third parties such as Google or Apple may collect certain types of data about the user's visits of game, including interactions with the content of the game. It is not possible to identify persons with the data collected this way.

  9. Removal of personal data

    The user may request the removal of his/her personal data from the game (e-mail address, IP addresses and login times) by sending an e-mail to support[a] The message must contain an explicit request to remove the user's personal data. If a user requests removal of his/her personal data, his/her account will be blocked, personal data will be deleted and username in the game will be changed. If the e-mail message does not contain the explicit request of the user to remove his/her personal data, his/her personal data will not be removed.

    The operator is, however, entitled to store the user's IP address even without the user's assent if necessary for the purposes of fulfilling its legal obligations regarding article 58 of directive 2006/112/EC on common system of value added tax and article 24f of the Council implementing regulation (EU) No 1042/2013. In such case, the operator will store the user's IP address for the period necessary to fulfill its obligations even if the user requests removal of his/her personal data.